Pediatric Surgery

Surgery Turning ‘Kid Friendlier’

“Making little incisions to fix big problems in little bodies.”

If the term “pediatric laparoscopy” appeared in a children’s dictionary, those words would best define the advanced surgical procedure.

In fact, explaining surgery to children in a way they can understand has become easier since smaller, more “kid-friendly” instruments have entered the operating room.

As a result, children are happy to hear that the incision will usually be no more than 1/16th of an inch long, and that they can expect to return to being just kids in no time.

Monmouth is equipped with the sophisticated instrumentation needed to perform laparoscopic surgery on children ranging in age from one week to 17 years old, and weighing as little as four pounds.

The hundreds of minimally invasive procedures that have been performed at Monmouth during the past several years run the gamut — from common appendectomies and hernia repairs (see story below) to the more complex procedures, including treatment of pyloric stenosis — narrowing of the opening between the stomach and intestine — and Hirschsprung’s disease, a severe congenital condition of the colon that appears soon after birth.

Repair of the weakness between the food pipe and the stomach (fundoplication) and the insertion of feeding tubes into the stomach (gastrostomy) also are performed through the small-incision surgery.

With minimally invasive techniques, we can perform very complicated procedures with very few exceptions.

For more information on pediatric laparoscopic surgery, call Monmouth Medical Center at 732-870-5500.

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Pediatric Surgery

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